Artistic, conceptual or classic portrait of people, musicians & bands, actresses & actors,

performing artists, professionals, influencers, business(wo)men and models.

Paisajes de la Tierra, del Mar y del Cielo

Venta de impresiones de paisajes terrestres y marinos en su mayoría mexicanos, tomadas durante mis muchos viajes.
Además, gracias a los viajes, pude fotografiar muchos cielos desde la tierra o desde aviones.


Paisajes: comprar aquí.
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Paisajes de la Tierra, del Mar y del Cielo

Paisajes de la Tierra, del Mar y del Cielo

Fauna y Flora

Paisajes de la Tierra, del Mar y del Cielo

Paisajes de la Tierra, del Mar y del Cielo



This is where we can discuss your requirements from how you and your family wish to look and feel in your portraits, through to what will suit your walls in theme and size.



You will arrive at the studio or we meet at a location. If required, hair and makeup can work their magic. Shoot times vary depending on who, and how we are shooting, but my aim is to provide a range of options for you to choose your final art pieces from.



This is the extra fun part. You will be invited to come back to my viewing theatre where you can see your portraits up large in all their detail. From here we can discuss again sizes and product options. You will be blown away.

Paisajes de la Tierra, del Mar y del Cielo

Studio Sitting Fee               $195.00 (credited towards prints)

11x8 inches & under            SMALL WALL                 $395.00

 17x12 inches                      HALLWAY WALL                $695.00

 23x18 inches                        LOUNGE WALL               $999.00

 30x20 inches                      FEATURE WALL               $1,200.00

 45x30 canvas                      LARGE FEATURE             $1,350.00

 Full Resolution Digital Files    (per image)                   $995.00

Note: Printing taken place outside of the Richard Wood Studio, voids any printed responsibility of image quality.

Studio created artworks are put through a refined craft process.
They are then printed on high quality museum fine art stock papers with high quality inks.
This ensures detail and longevity of the prints.

Small web sized, watermarked digital files (900 pixels longest side) come with every print ordered (not suitable for printing)

Paisajes de la Tierra, del Mar y del Cielo

Photo files… you must save them to a floppy disk they said.
And so we did…. but then they stopped making floppy disks
Now you must save them to a CD or a DVD they said.
So we did… And then they stopped making CD drives
You must now save them to a USB or a Hard Drive they said.
So we did… then hard drives failed to open and the USB drive read empty
You must now upload them to the cloud they said.
So we have………………….

Meanwhile the framed heirloom print over the fireplace looks down and smiles
on us and the old albums on the bookshelf nudge each other and giggle.

I am not really into the business of selling files. But don’t stress as you’ll be provided with small web versions for your Facebook.
Here at the studio I create beautiful final end products that I sign my name to.
At Richard Wood Photography it’s about LONGEVITY | QUALITY | SUPERIOR PRODUCT